Thursday, April 22, 2010


I use Bloglines exclusively as an aggregator to keep up with all of my (many) news feeds, blogs, sites of interest, etc.  It has been down since this morning and will remain down until 1am, the 23rd.

I am so lost without it.  Manually searching my news sites for the “new” news?  That is sooo 2002. 

And yes, yes, I know!  All the cool kids use Google Reader, but I started using Bloglines before Google had a reader.  I’m used to it, all of my stuff is there, I like how it works.  Except for when it doesn’t.  Like now.



A Lewis said...

YOU YOU YOU are the one who turned me on to my very first aggregator/reader way back when. I used BlogLines until (I can't remember why) I switched to Google Reader. I'd be lost without the Reader today.

Lemuel said...

Do you mean to tell me that the current year is not 2001?! Bloglines? Reader? Dear me! I must have fallen asleep again 'gainst that tree down in the Hollow! ;)

Gumby said...

hey - you've inspired me to post again!

goblinbox said...

I use Bloglines too, but only to manage my blogroll list. I never actually read anything with it.

lazybythelake said...

you guys doing okay over there? weather reports in atlanta say memphis got flooded. hope you are high and dry.