Friday, June 11, 2010

The twit tweets

My friend Daniel has been telling me for quite some time that I should be on twitter.  I resisted at first because I thought it was a flash in the pan.  You know, like television, radio or democracy.  Then I resisted just because I wasn’t interested.  But now, I’ve decided to give twitter a go.  So if you’d like, you can follow me there.  But, I’ll still be here as well.  And I redecorated in honor of the occasion, I suppose.  That’s it for now,  I hope you have a great weekend.


goblinbox said...

I will find you on The Twitter!

Lemuel said...

When I first opened up the blog, I thought, o sh*t, I'm in the wrong place. ;)

lazybythelake said...

HA! i vaguely remember a while back, maybe a year or more, posting something like WTF is twitter?! you were the only one to comment. so, a few weeks ago i signed up for it to 1) make sure no one else got my interweb handle, even if i never used it; and 2) to follow a local pub for last minute specials.

i think i clicked the right things to follow you. thing is - so far i rarely log into it so my following is, well, not very following. HA!

btw - i like the new mod look, but i will say i did really like that shot of you and the bridge over the mississippi.

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